Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How do I submit a picture of my kitty?

A) Go to the Submit Page, and go to the “submit a photo” option, and upload away!

Here is a handy-dandy guide on how to do this!

Q) Does my kitty have to be pudgy or large to be featured?

A) YES. Although I love ALL kitties, I’m trying to stick with a theme on this Tumblr :)

Q) I submitted a picture! Why hasn’t it been posted?

A) At this point, I’m looking at a lead time of somewhere between a week and two weeks from when I receive a picture to get it posted, just because I’m getting so many! Alternatively, I’ll TRY to message you if your picture is not showing up for me/ is blurry or bad quality/ etc., or if your kitty does not appear to be pudgy. I know it’s all about the angle sometimes! :)

Q) How many kitties do you have?

A) I personally have what amounts to be two cats- one 7 month old kitten named Tiny who lives with me, and two cats (Woobie and Derp) who live at my parents house. Derp and his brothers are sort of the inspiration for this blog- they’re enormous! (This is Derp, this is one of his brothers, Cartman)

Q) Can you post the picture your icon is from?

A) Already done! It’s here :D

Q) Follow me!

A) First of all, that’s not a question, haha. Secondly, due to this blog’s status as a part of my main blog, Biolumo, I can’t follow anyone as PudgyKitties. I don’t know why.

Q) Are you going to be a crazy cat lady when you grow up?